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Heather MacDonald, director (72 min./USA/1995)

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Please note: 
• Vimeo and Reelhouse have the bonus Film Commentary track with the director and guests, though the film is not closed captioned.  
• Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play have closed captioning, though not the Film Commentary. 
• Kanopy has closed captioning plus the bonus Film Commentary.  Kanopy is available to public library patrons and educational institutions, using the institution's accreditation.


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$14.00 - includes shipping and handling. Get 2 for the price of one and share with a friend. PayPal accepts all currencies, and DVDs are playable in all regions

Bonus features include a commentary track with Director Heather MacDonald and guests; bonus scenes; and 9 Remeasureda gathering featuring prominent activists Donna Red Wing, Kathleen Saadat & Scott Seibert.

To purchase by check or money order (in US funds) make payable to "Toots Crackin Productions" and send with shipping details to: Toots Crackin Productions, 54 West 16th St., Ste. 12-J, New York, NY 10011.

Educators, see our page here. You can purchase the DVD from Collective Eye Films, or stream at Kanopy.  

For public screenings, please email us.