USA / 1995 / NR / 72 min.      DVD includes 45 minutes of extra features, plus a film commentary track with Director Heather MacDonald and guests.

USA / 1995 / NR / 72 min. 

DVD includes 45 minutes of extra features, plus a film commentary track with Director Heather MacDonald and guests.

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“A pivotal teaching tool…. Student comments after viewing this film have been striking for the level of critical self-reflection it inspires. They come away having learned a valuable and important history lesson, and with a heightened sense of responsibility and awareness of the subtle forms of intolerance in which they themselves have participated.”  –Professor Douglas St. Christian; Dep’t of Anthropology, McMaster University

Ballot Measure 9 is a great tool for illustrating the influence of stereotypes and prejudice on behavior that threatens the civil liberties of all people.  It stimulates provocative discussion and gets students thinking about issues of social justice in their own lives. I have found it to be an indispensable part of my curriculum.”  –Dr. Laurie Rudman; Professor Social Psychology, Rutgers University

“Incisively cuts to the heart of the political climate…. Galvanizing.”  –The New York Times

“Infuriating, inspiring and deeply depressing, this documentary is mandatory viewing for those who are still fighting to make America a true democracy.” – Los Angeles Weekly

“An eye-opening and chilling portrayal of the epidemic of racial and anti-gay hatred.” – Toronto Globe & Mail

"Remarkable portrait of modern politics in dramatic action."  – Toronto Star

“A far-ranging exposé of hate politics that crosses lines of race, religion and sexual identity, this might be the next training manual on how to rescue the soul of America.” – B. Ruby Rich

The chasms that divide this country are no less divisive today and Ballot Measure 9 resonates as strongly as ever.  Its vivid illustration of both the politics of intolerance and a successful broad-based civil rights campaign remain instructive for a new generation of voters and educators, placing in context the long road to equal rights. 
For educators, Ballot Measure 9 is the starting point for dialogue about the democratic process, offering a valuable window to discussions about the health of the society in which we live.  
For community and civil rights workers, this account of successful grassroots organizing is an instructive model and inspirational tool.

Suggested Curriculum: • American Studies • Civil Rights and the Constitution • Conflict Resolution • Culture & Gender Studies • Ethics • Film & Video Studies • LGBQT Studies • History • Humanities • Human Rights • Human Sexuality • Journalism • Law • Minority Studies • Political Science • Popular Culture • Psychology • Social Policy & Welfare • Social Studies •  Sociology

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