Press Photo Review

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1) “No on 9” rally in Portland (B&W) 2)  Highway sign for “Yes on 9”
3) License plate of Scott Seibert
4) Southern Oregon



5) Vandalism on wall in St. Matthew's
Catholic Church, Oregon

6) Vandalism in St. Matthew's
Catholic Church, Oregon

7) “No on 9” sign at election rally (color)

8) “No on 9” sign (B&W)

9) Rally Cry 10) Posting sign 11)  Election Night 12)  Anti-gay Protest Rally
13)  Police Protection 14)  Kathleen Saadat 15)  Sky, activist in conservative So. OR 16)  Lon Mabon explains the Culture War
17) Scott Seibert after third break-in. 18)  Rally, day before election 19)  Director Heather Lyn MacDonald 20)  Dir. Heather Lyn MacDonald (B&W)


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